Katelco - one more step of Kazakhstan
on the way of securing the data sovereign using world best telecommunication technologies

Kazakhstan being a sovereign state builds it own informational system firstly as one of the instruments of implementation its domestic and foreign policy. Success of the reforms held in Kazakhstan significantly depends on availability of highly developed and generally available telecommunication infrastructure.

In 1995 Satellite Television Network and Data Network (STN&DN) Project has been approved by the Government of Kazakhstan and for its implementation Kazakhstan Telecommunication Company (Katelco) has been established.

The priority for this Project was to build a modern system of television & radio programs distribution and Dedicated Data Network in Kazakhstan using satellite communication channels which shall guarantee informational sovereign for Kazakhstan and simultaneously, development of its telecommunication structure and attraction of the worlds leading technologies.

Today we can say with a full certainty that the aim of Katelco is successfully achieved.

Katelco Satellite System includes two large functional sections:

Main concept solutions for the Katelco network are the integration of television and radio programs distribution and data communication systems linked to the transmitting and receiving equipment providing a single center of management.

Currently a leased resource on the Intelsat 703 (a new name for NSS-703 satellite) is being used as a satellite segment. It is located at 57 degree East longitude orbital slot and the beam used provides a required coverage zone for Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the most part of the Russia's territory.

Equipment used in Katelco networks was produced by the world leading telecommunication manufacturers. Most of the components installed on the Central Receiving and Communication Station are manufactured by COMSAT RSI, General Instrument (digital TV signal processing unit), Hughes Network Systems (data transmission equipment).

More than two years experience of exploitation Katelco network in Kazakhstan have confirmed its high technology, stability and economy.

Our company being one of the leading operators of corporate satellite communication systems, providing television and radio broadcasting oin Kazakhstan is pleased to offer its services to improve your business.


Republic of Kazahstan, Almaty 480012

Head office: 85/91 Maulenov str., 2-floor
Tel.: (3272) 58 12 95
Fax.: (3272) 50 38 76
Technical center: 2 Timiryazev str.
Tel.: (3272) 63 53 42
Fax.: (3272) 63 52 69


Purchase of NURSAT shares

Katelco open a tender for equipment procurement to implement project of Pay TV Services DTH (Direct To Home).

It's our

November 15, 2000. - Katelco will turn over its 5th year

We invite all our colleagues and friends to share with us the joy of the first jubilee.

November 23-24, 2000. - Katelco holds
International Conference on Telecommunications in Almaty.

Conference Programme

Your congratulations to us!